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Carson Allen is an American actress, artist and creator based in Seoul, South Korea and Los Angeles, California. Born in Florida and raised abroad, she is heavily influenced by the more than a decade of her youth spent in East Asia. Beginning at the age of four, she and her family moved across the world to the island of Okinawa, Japan where she spent most of her primary school years. After a short trip back in the United States, she once again moved across the sea, this time to the city of Seoul, South Korea. It was during her time in Korea's largest metropolis that she became proficient in the language and began her official acting career.


Her interest in acting was sparked at a very young age while watching the Canadian film series, “Anne of Green Gables”, and the movie “The Wizard of Oz”—dreaming of one day playing strong female characters such as Anne and Dorothy.

When Carson is not on set acting, training in stage-combat stunt-work, or in a studio recording VO’s, she’s off shooting film photography, studying art of all things coffee, and collecting vintage home decor.

Carson Allen made her television debut on the Korean series ‘The K2’ in 2017. Her popularity first gained traction during the very successful and well-received KBS television series, ‘When the Camellia Blooms’ for her role as the beloved character Helena. She is also recognized for her role in the OCN television series, ‘Voice’ (season 3) as Tina, in 2019. Carson is most well-known and recognized for her ability to successfully integrate her fluent Korean language skills into successful acting roles.

In 2021 she had her first lead role as a series regular in the Netflix Original Series ‘So Not Worth It’ as the character of the same name, Carson. She finished the series with her character being a fan favorite and adored by many fans of the show.

Aside from television and feature film work, Carson is also known for her roles in Korean independent films and shorts. She is most recognized for her lead role in the 2018 Korea Arts and Film Academy (KAFA) short film ‘Matryoshka’ in which she plays the role of Maria.


Carson has received acting training in various methods such as the Meisner Method and Uta Hagen from institutions in New York, Los Angeles, Portland and Seoul. Having had training in both South Korea and the U.S., she has a vast understanding of the style unique to both countries. In addition to her training in acting she has rounded out her overall skill set by training in the area of stage-combat and stunt work.

Learn more about Carson Allen through her various video interviews, and published news articles here. 

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